Jumping Fences



Thanks for visiting our site. Here we have links to musicians and organisations with whom we have worked or made a connection.

Musicians and choirs

Patricio Anabalón


Jeana and Juan Carlos Ureña

The Australian Voices

The Combined Unions Choir

Brisbane Lesbian and Gay Pride Choir

Trovanet: Portal to the website of Cuban trovadores we met during our travels; including Marta Campos, Ariel Diaz, Erick Sánchez, Heidi Igualada, Silvio Alejandro and Juan Carlos Perez (in Spanish).


Mad Ass Folk Club

Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau A Cuban cultural centre which regularly hosts trova concerts ( in Spanish)

Centre for Political Song A centre based in Glasgow Caledonian University we visited in 2003

Union Songs A wealth of information on working class songs

Nueva Cancion

Here are some additional links to a selection of Latin American musicians who originated in the 'Nueva Cancion', a movement of socially aware musicians who provide a foundation for our own music. (These sites are in Spanish or Portuguese).


Silvio Rodriguez

Pablo Milanes

Vicente Feliu

Sara Gonzalez

Noel Nicola


Chico Buarque

Gilberto Gil

Milton Nacimento


Victor Jara

Violeta Parra

Inti illimani


Alfredo Zitarrosa

Puerto Rico

Roy Brown

Argentina Mercedes Sosa
Nueva Cancion in Australia Jose Luis Sepulveda



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