Jumping Fences



From Havana to Here
Brisbane City Hall, 25 October 2005

by Sebastian Flynn
Programming & Production Coordinator
BEMAC (Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre)
December 2005

...‘Jumping Fences’ are a unique Australian group with a particular cultural connection with another country (in their case Cuba). They write excellent songs and are fronted by the beautiful voice of Sue Monk. Above all however, their most endearing quality is a sense of integrity about who they are and what they write about. Their live performances rely on genuine musicianship, unpretentious presentation and an informed outlook. ‘...

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Papalote and Jumping Fences in concert
BEMAC Space 21 November 1998

by Peter Freeman, School of Music, The University of Queensland

It’s rare these days that anyone’s expectations of a concert are met, let alone exceeded. The Papalote/Jumping Fences concert in November was a decided exception. The two groups combined to present an entertaining and musically engaging set of songs from Brazil, Cuba, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile and even South Africa, together with originals by Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse.

This concert’s attraction was its honesty, musical eclecticism and craft, the two groups working together as a well-rehearsed team.

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